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The NRDI Office is lead by the President, who shall be appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister. Term of the appointment is 5 years, one can be appointed for no more than two terms. The President represents the NRDI Office in matters of research, development and innovation in front of the Government and the National Assembly and represents the Government in matters of research, development and innovation in international organisations The President is responsible for preparing the annual programme strategy for the NRDI Fund and the high quality implementation of the objectives and tasks defined therein.
Dr. Birkner Zoltan - elnök
Contacts to high-level officers
Contacts of the President, Vice-Presidents and Heads of Departments at the NRDI Office
Integrity advisor
The advisor in charge for the assessment of integrity and corruption risks related to the NRDI Office operations and the execution of the risk management action plan
Data Protection Officer
Participates in the fulfilment of data processing and data protection tasks related to the activity of the NRDI Office as controller or processor.