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KIM: new support for protecting the industrial property rights in domestic R&D results
27 September 2022
Modified: 27 September 2022
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Budapest, Tuesday, 27 September 2022 (MTI) – Another 89 proposals have been awarded a total of HUF 125.8 million in funding for the protection of industrial property rights in the currently open IP protection call, the Ministry of Culture and Innovation (KIM) announced in a statement sent to MTI on Tuesday.

The Ministry recalled that since 2015, domestic companies, research organisations and even individuals have been able to submit project proposals to the National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office for funding the protection of their intellectual property. Intellectual products protected in this way can also be more effectively exploited in international markets.

The number of businesses in Hungary that are consciously paying attention to intellectual property (IP) protection, registering their innovations with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (SZTNH) and using the potential for growth is steadily increasing. However, there are also many examples of smaller, less capital-intensive domestic businesses that can no longer afford the costs of obtaining protection. This problem is addressed by the “Industrial Property Rights” calls launched by the NRDI Office in 2020 and 2021, which are currently open for continuous submissions and which will fully cover the costs of such procedures. Applicants may receive 100% non-refundable funding for their applications and procedures related to patents, utility model protection, design model protection, trademarks and geographical indications, among others, according to the KIM’s announcement.

In recent years, the number of registered trademarks in Hungary has increased intensively, but we are still below the EU average. Only 3.4% of SMEs in Hungary have any kind of protected intellectual property. This rate is above 8% in the EU and 10% in Poland.

The statement quotes László György, State Secretary for Innovation and Higher Education at the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, who stressed that “a discovery can only be monetised if it can be legally protected. That is why we encourage our explorers to always obtain protection to their ideas. This is the only way to turn a Hungarian idea into a Hungarian business, a Hungarian brand and added value in Hungary. This is why we support Hungarian innovators with money and expert services.”

Under the previous “Industrial Property Protection” scheme, which had a similar objective, a total of 134 proposals received more than HUF 215 million in funding between 2015 and 2020. And the decisions published so far in the 2020-1.1.3-IPARJOG and 2021-1.1.1-IPARJOG calls, which are still open, have provided a further 118 applicants with a total of around HUF 186 million. Together with the decisions just announced, nearly HUF 530 million in support has been provided since 2015 to help and support the protection of intellectual products resulting from domestic research and development, KIM summarised.


Updated: 27 September 2022
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