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The Hungarian Association for Innovation was established thirty years ago by thirty organisations
05 January 2021
Modified: 15 January 2021
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The Hungarian Association for Innovation recognises the facilitation of the acceleration of innovation and the improvement of the country’s innovation capacity among its key objectives, the Hungarian Association for Innovation told the Hungarian press agency, MTI on Tuesday on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary.

The press release recalls that the Hungarian Association for Innovation was established on 14 December 1990 by thirty organisations interested in research, development and innovation.

The press release explained that upon the formation of the association, the economic potential of innovation was known neither to the general public in Hungary nor to the state administration. As a result of the association’s endeavours, innovation has become a natural term and innovation activities turned out to be major drivers of the economy.

They recall that the efforts of the association resulted in the Parliament passing an innovation act and the creation of a ministry responsible for coordinating innovation activities, namely the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

They also emphasize that the association has been formed and is still functioning as a professional and advocacy group horizontally integrating various organisations and institutions in the field of innovation. Of the founding institutions and companies, seven are still existing and the number of direct and indirect members is close to seven hundred.

The press release points out that the expert opinions of the Hungarian Association for Innovation have a profound influence on decisions regarding research, development and innovation; it issues one expert opinion a month in average. Its officials deliver one lecture a month, in average, at various professional events and its annual General Meeting is considered one of the most prominent professional events of the innovation sector. As founding co-owner, the association assisted the establishment of 22 innovation organisations and through its representatives and agents represents the interests of its member organisations in nearly 20 bodies.

They also informed that in each month, the association organises the Scientific and Innovation Talent Recruitment Contest for Youth mobilizing over 4,500 young people. Their other national initiative is the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix competition. Out of 1,275 project proposals received so far upon the various calls, 1,100 were successful and implemented and of these 218 won different innovation awards. In the past 30 years, they organised several flagship events such as Innoforum – Exchange of Intellectual Products, the national design competition “Lépés a jövőbe”, NOVATech.Com - Innovation Technology Business Plan Competition, the science promoter “THE” and the “meet the scientist” events.

In the press release, Zoltán Birkner, President, National Research, Development and Innovation Office also added that in the past 30 years the Hungarian Association for Innovation gained considerable prestige and appreciation among the public and its activities had a great impact not only on the development of the network of innovation institutions but also on its public acceptance.

Source: MTI

Updated: 15 January 2021
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