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International water technology conference in Nagykanizsa
11 October 2019
Modified: 17 October 2019
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As world population grows rapidly, so does demand for water, presenting a global challenge for humanity. Water will soon become the most important natural resource in the world, which increases the importance of competitive water treatment and water purification technologies. The Soós Ernő Water Technology Research and Development Centre, an industry-leading Hungarian innovator, dedicated an international scientific conference to the topic for the sixth time, where talented students and young researchers were also awarded. The event was attended by Dr. Zoltán Birkner, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, one of the founders of the institution.

The Soós Ernő Water Technology Research and Development Centre is a knowledge base that extends far beyond the region. Its annual conference entitled “Water and Wastewater Management in the Industry” has become a cross-border professional event by now. The organisers primarily aimed to connect academic and industrial stakeholders, enabling professionals, researchers and industrial partners to present the latest research results and industrial developments and exchange views in a networking event.

This year’s conference in Zalakaros focused on global trends, such as research on microplastics and pharmaceutical residues in natural waters, cooperation with Hungarian and international large companies, use of thermal water, and the emergence of smart technologies related to water purification in domestic and international markets. The plenary presentations were followed by thematic sessions where participants could engage in professional networking and exchange opinions on practical problems, while in the international session of the conference scientists were accompanied by the representatives of large international companies from several countries, including Denmark and India.

The conference also featured the award ceremony of the Soós Ernő Young Researcher Awards, which for the first time had a non-Hungarian awardee. The prize was handed over to Maja Preskar, student at Maribori University in the MSc category, and to Dr. Csilla Zsófia Torma in the PhD category. The Szebenyi Mária Memorial Competition in Chemistry for primary and secondary school students drew attention not only locally, but at national and even international level. Prizes were awarded in four age groups here: the winners were Dénes Dancsák in grade 7, Máté Somogyi in grade 9, Kamilla Cziráki in grade 10, and Máté Tóth in grades 11-12.

The Soós Ernő Water Technology Research and Development Centre was founded in 2014 by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pannonia, Nagykanizsa City with County Rights, and Hidrofilt Vízkezelést Tervező és Kivitelező Kft. The mission of the institution is to pursue international research activities in water purification and water management building on the several decades long professional traditions of Nagykanizsa. Since its foundation, the institution has become one of the most successful models for cooperation in innovation between Hungarian medium-sized cities, SMEs and universities.

Nagykanizsa, 10 October 2019

Updated: 17 October 2019
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