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Project proposals with endorsing policy opinion under the “GINOP-8.1.1-16 – Support of business RDI activities loan scheme” call, 11th round
31 May 2019
Modified: 31 May 2019
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As part of the EU-financed schemes providing refundable funding, the GINOP-8-1.1-16 loan scheme aims to promote the research, development and innovation activities of financially viable, revenue-driven businesses which are unable or hardly able to get sufficient funding from the money markets.

In the framework of this scheme, applicants may receive loan on preferential terms to finance the development and marketing of new, marketable products, services, technologies and prototypes with significant intellectual added value. As a requirement laid down by the Managing Authority announcing the loan scheme, applicants have to obtain the endorsing innovation policy opinion of the NRDI Office.

In the 11th round the NRDI Office considered 6 project proposals with a total funding request of over HUF 3.3 billion. The proposals were assessed by evaluators against the assessment criteria set out in the call, then by a group of experts. The expert group recommended the President of the NRDI Office to issue endorsing opinions for the loan requests of HUF 391,5 million of 2 proposals. Loan requests can be submitted for the project proposals after receipt of the endorsing innovation policy opinion.

So far in the previous rounds, endorsing innovation policy opinion was given to 80 proposals by the NRDI Office, with total loan request exceeding HUF 43 billion.


Requesting entity
Title of project proposal
Amount of non-refundable support requested

NRG-Drink Kft.
Ködképző berendezés mezőgazdasági ingatlanok és szabadföldi területek fertőtlenítéséhez, illetve oldaltok kijuttatása üvegházakba
124 350 000
FQL-EU System Hungary Kft
Polisztirolbeton gyártástechnológiájának és termékválasztékának továbbfejlesztése
267 150 600
Updated: 31 May 2019
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