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HUF 12 billion awarded to 400 Hungarian researchers for discovery research
09 August 2018
Modified: 14 August 2018
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The National Research, Development and Innovation Office supports domestic discovery research with funding schemes adapted to researchers’ different career stages. One third of the funds have been awarded to young researchers who will start their research careers and independent research projects in Hungary. The awarded funds will promote projects and international research programmes aimed at getting a better understanding of natural and social processes, and potentially resulting in the foundation of new methods and procedures.

The total budget of discovery research calls have increased continuously from HUF 7.9 billion in 2015 to the present HUF 16.5 billion, of which HUF 12 billion has been awarded now by the NRDI Office. In the domestic system of discovery research calls the NRDI Office provides funding opportunities for postdoctors just starting their researcher careers (PD_18), young researchers launching their own research projects or research groups (FK_18), and more experienced researchers (K_18) in the area of discovery research.  

Dr. Zoltán Birkner, President of the NRDI Office pointed out: “One of the goals of funding discovery research from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund is to make research an attractive career opportunity for young people and encourage researchers under 40 years to launch own projects. Early career researchers have won one third of the total amount of funding this year in the framework of the Thematic research proposals of young researchers and the Postdoctoral excellence programme.” 

The project proposals were assessed by anonymous reviewers against the criteria indicated in the calls, with the involvement of expert panels and specialised scientific councils. On the basis of the anonymous reviews and the ranking set up by the expert panels, the councils did not diverge from the expert panels’ professionally substantiated recommendations and proposed the same projects for funding to the President of the NRDI Office. The President of the Office agreed with the proposal and approved it without any change (after handover and takeover of tasks and completion of administrative duties required by the new governmental arrangement at the end of July). The official notifications are currently being sent out to the applicants.

Based on the number of grants received in the call for researcher-initiated research projects, the call for young researchers and the postdoctoral programme, the top performer is the Eötvös Loránd University with 49 funded projects benefitting from a total of HUF 1.38 billion. The ranking of the institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is topped by the Research Centre for Natural Sciences with 21 funded projects and a total funding of HUF 0.72 billion.

The international visibility of scientific results is gaining importance worldwide. It is measured by innovation scoreboards, university rankings and the citation index of scientific publications. With the excellence programme titled “Funding for research teams with significant achievements of internationally outstanding impact” KH_18), having a total budget of HUF 1.2 billion, the NRDI Office encourages domestic research groups to achieve new results which greatly advance their, field of science and lay the foundations of further research, and to present them in the most visible and top-cited international scientific journals. The call for proposals is open again until 13 September 2018.

More than 1100 proposals with a total funding request of over HUF 30 billion were submitted to the calls by the February 2018 deadline.

For further information on discovery research calls please go to the NRDI Office’s website:

Successful and promising discovery research projects on the NRDI Office’s website:

Budapest, 09 August 2018

Updated: 14 August 2018
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