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2018 calls for discovery research proposals amounting to EUR 39.3 million published
2018 calls for discovery research proposals amounting to EUR 39.3 million published
10 January 2018
Modified: 18 September 2018
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Two out of four calls fostering discovery research targeting young researchers

Available resources support projects proposing the study of natural and social phenomena and establishing new methods and procedures as well as programmes to boost the scientific career of young researchers and to start international research projects.

In order to secure conditions of preparing better scientific proposals, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office published the calls earlier than usual. Again, the calls are published with a significantly increased amount of HUF 12 billion (EUR 39.3 million) in total.

The targeted calls of the funding scheme, financed from domestic budget, the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, provide support to carry out basic research projects for postdoctoral researchers starting their research careers (PD_18), young researchers starting their independent research projects and establishing their own research groups (FK_18), and experienced researchers (K_18), as well. A separate call supports the establishment of research projects in international cooperation (NN_18).

  • Thematic research proposals (K_18): Support for projects of experienced researchers with independent research groups who qualify as internationally recognized experts in their disciplines.
  • Thematic research proposals of young researchers (FK_18): Support for research activity by talented young researchers, below the age of 40 as of 6 February 2018, who propose to start their own research projects within independent research groups. The total budget for K_18 and FK_18 proposals is HUF 9.4 billion (EUR 30.8 million).
  • Postdoctoral excellence programme (PD_18): Reliable three-year grant for young researchers with a scientific degree to start their careers in scientific research. The total budget for the programme is HUF 1.5 billion (EUR 4.9 million).
  • Thematic research proposals in international cooperation (NN_18, ANN_18, SNN_18): Support for projects of Hungarian research groups in cooperation with foreign research groups in order to strengthen the international embeddedness of Hungarian science. The total budget for the proposals is HUF 1 billion (EUR 3.3 million).

The call for proposals for researchers producing results of high international impact and accumulating a scientific citation record within the top 5% in their discipline in two years of publication is expected to be published this January, increasing the total budget allocated for discovery research in 2018 with additional HUF 1.2 billion (EUR 3.9 million).

The timing of the publication of the calls and springtime submission deadlines, both earlier than in the previous years, allow for funding decisions to be made in the summer and projects to be launched in the second half of 2018, thus resulting in a more predictable operation of the research funding system.

The evaluation process of the proposals is carried out against the criteria published in the calls for proposals, on the basis of reports by anonymous peer reviewers, involving expert groups (panels) and scientific councils.

The NRDI Office elaborated a coordinated structure of calls for proposals in 2015 to support scientific workshops and innovation activity of enterprises. Within this structure, a complex system of calls for proposals aims to support discovery research in Hungary, that includes encouraging researchers just starting their scientific careers, research programmes open for the wider scientific community, and frontline research projects alike.

Updated: 18 September 2018
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