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Dr. Zsolt Fülöp
12 December 2017
Modified: 31 March 2021
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Chairman of the National Research Infrastructure Committee

Physical sciences and engineering

Physicist, (nuclear astrophysics)
research fellow, Institute of Nuclear Research

Dr. Fülöp ZsoltPhysicist, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, research fellow at the Institute of Nuclear Research (Atomki). Certified English-Hungarian technical translator and holder of an MBA degree. In his research, he uses the tools of experimental nuclear physics to investigate phenomena that are critical in the formation of the elements. This includes the examination of collisions of low-energy nuclei and the study of the structure of unstable (exotic) nuclei that are important for nucleosynthesis. Zsolt Fülöp is a member of numerous national and international professional organisations, such as the European Physical Society, the Academia Europaea or the Scientific Council of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority).

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Updated: 31 March 2021
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