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Evaluation of the Hungarian Technology Foresight Programme (TEP)
Evaluation of the Hungarian Technology Foresight Programme (TEP)
29 September 2004
Modified: 06 July 2018
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Report of an International Panel - May 2004

This document is the final report from PREST, University of Manchester with the support of an international evaluation panel (see Annex 1) invited by the Research and Development Division of the Ministry of Education to evaluate TEP - the Hungarian Technology Foresight Programme. The terms of reference of the evaluation were:
i) To answer the question as to what extent TEP has achieved its objectives; and
ii) To help orient decision-making on future foresight activities in Hungary.
The approach taken by the panel was as follows:
  • The evaluation panel designed a questionnaire that was distributed to participants in TEP and produced 62 responses, two thirds of whom were panellists or members of the Steering Group, with the rest being experts or government officials (see Annex 3).
  • Twenty two senior stakeholders in the exercise were interviewed by the evaluation panel, in two cases more than once (see Annex 2)
  • A substantial amount of the documentation, including panel reports, was translated into English and read by the Panel.
We would like to record our thanks to the Hungarian Foresight Secretariat for their excellent efforts in supporting our work through provision of material and arranging meetings. Our thanks also go to the participants in TEP and its users for the valuable contribution they made to this evaluation by sharing their views and knowledge with us.
Updated: 06 July 2018
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