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Sectoral Strategic Whitebooks (ÁSFK)

At the request of the Ministry for National Economy the National Innovation Office ( which is predecessor in title of National Research, Development and Innovation Office - NRDIO) prepares the Sectoral Strategic Whitebook for Research, Development and Innovation (KFI ÁSFK). Ministerial approval is expected by the end of 2012.

The governmental regulation (38/2012) on governmental strategic planning defines the exact meaning of a whitebook as a tool for strategic planning. It is a sectoral strategic document that means a basis, a framework for other, more detailed planning document. Whitebooks identifiy the most important governmental initiatives, problems, needs, visions related to a given sector. Draw possible solutions and interventions. The related minister decides upon the preparation works and the approvement as well.

Providing information and inputs to the ongoing and upcoming planning works on the next programming period strategies, the KFI ÁSFK aims to define the research-development-innovation targets, breaking out points and the possible initiatives for the R&D&I sector.

Parallel to the New Széchenyi Plan (the Hungarian national strategic reference framework) the National Innovation Office set up working groups for the sectors below:

  • Health industry,
  • mobility, automotive industry and logistics
  • ICT
  • energy
  • environmental protection
  • agriculture and food industry
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