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János Horváth
11 October 2023
Modified: 11 October 2023
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Vice President for Financial Affairs

Horváth János - gazdasági elnökhelyettesIn 1994, he graduated from Eszterházy Károly Teachers’ Training College as a teacher of mathematics and physical education then, in 1999, he was awarded a specialist economist diploma at the College of Finance and Accounting and, in 2016, he was declared a qualified economist at Szent István University.

He got first acquainted with the public finance process in 2003 at the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, and between 2005 and 2010 he performed economic management duties at the Ministry of Economy and Transport, and at its legal successor, the Ministry for National Development and Economy, as well as in institutions of various budget chapters. The management of the economic affairs of the Ministry and its related budget chapters, including the predecessor of the NRDI Fund, the Research Technology and Innovation Fund, were among his main responsibilities.

Between 2010 and 2013, as the sector head of Magyar Posta, he managed the resources required to run the business of a large company with more than 25 000 employees. During his tenure with the company, he had a major role in preparing the postal organisation for operating under liberalised market conditions, for example by participating in the complete overhaul of the internal regulatory framework. In response to the new market challenges, he has developed a new, standard job classification system for Posta and he was involved, along with trade associations, in the reform of the remuneration and incentive system. He was also in charge of the BPR project intended to transform the company’s operational structure, the process-oriented transformation of the activities of the management and implementation organisations, and the introduction of the Lean methodology. During these years, the most significant business development of the company was the extension of IT services to the post offices and, in the field of retail services, the preparation of the development of a parcel terminals system, in which he also played an important role.

Between 2015 and 2017, as Deputy CEO of the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK), he was responsible for the management of the capital city’s transport system and the management and regulation of public transport companies. As head of economics, he supervised development programmes – implemented from national and EU funding – such as the creation of the Courier System, the completion of the financial accounting of the traffic management centre, and new transport development projects such as the development of the Buda tram network, the procurement of trolleybuses and trams, the creation of P+R parking lots, and the establishment of their funding conditionalities.

Between 2018 and 2020, his most important task as the Chief Financial Officer of the state-owned but fully market-oriented MALÉV GH Zrt. was to implement the company’s reorganisation programme. Under the programme, the company’s ageing fleet of service equipment was renewed, and passenger service facilities were renovated. He was instrumental in turning this company that had been loss-making for several years into the black by exploiting new business opportunities and adhering to strict management frameworks during the years of reorganisation.

He has been managing the economic affairs of the NRDI Office since 2020, and will continue to perform such duties as a Vice President from 2023.

Updated: 11 October 2023
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