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Dr. Ferenc Oberfrank
12 December 2017
Modified: 22 August 2023
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Member of the National Research Infrastructure Committee

Dr. Oberfrank Ferenc Physician-scientist
Research physician, director of the Directorate of Public Administration of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former Executive Director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

His research focuses on the social burden and ethical aspects of diseases of the central nervous system. He contributed to the spread of advanced technologies in many fields in Hungary (optogenetics, imaging systems, animal and genetic engineering, virus technologies). Expert on the bioethical regulation of biomedical research, participated in the reform of Hungarian research ethics institutions, contributed to the development and maintenance of relevant national and international standards (Health Act, Oviedo Convention, Declaration of Helsinki, UNESCO declarations). One of the drafters of European conventions on human rights, biomedicine and the prohibition of cloning human beings..

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Updated: 22 August 2023
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