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Horizon 2020 collaborations
Active and Assisted Living (AAL)
Objective of the programme: to assist the life of elderly people by developing info-communication devices and services and to launch projects co-financed from EU sources and implemented in international consortia with the aim of creating marketable products and services that promote the objectives of the programme.
Supporting innovative SMEs (EUROSTARS)
EUROSTARS 2 is the joint programme of EUREKA member states and the European Commission, dedicated to supporting SMEs engaged in R&D activities and having a substantial growth potential in the 2014–2020 period. It is the continuation of the highly successful EUROSTARS programme implemented in 2007–2013.
Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI)
The Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) is a common form of implementing PPP in an institutionalised form. A new and unique mechanism introduced by the 7th Framework Programme to enable the creation of large European research structures through establishing partnerships between the public and the private sector (PPP).
European Research Area network (ERA-NET)
Introduced in the 6th framework programme (FP6), then successfully continued in FP7 and FP8 (Horizon 2020), the ERA-NET programme primarily aims to develop the coordination of nationally and regionally implemented public research programmes, to organise national and regional research activities into a network, and to mutually open national and regional research programmes.
European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)
The EIT is an EU institution of education, research and innovation which aims to coordinate education, industrial business activivities and research in several fields, boosting knowledge-based economy and increased competitiveness across Europe.
Joint Research Centre (JRC)
The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the in-house scientific service provider of the European Commission. Its primary aim is to provide the scientific background for elaborating, executing and monitoring EU policies. In addition, the JRC is also the scientific and technological reference institution of the European Union.