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Az EU6. Keretprogram új eszközei hatékonyságának értékelése - Marimon jelentés
Az EU6. Keretprogram új eszközei hatékonyságának értékelése - Marimon jelentés
2005. január 14.
Módosítás: 2017. december 29.
Olvasási idő: 2 perc


An independent Panel of high-level experts, chaired by Professor Ramon Marimon, has evaluated the effectiveness of the New Instruments introduced in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). This evaluation is based on information deriving from the first calls for proposals and feedback received from participants.

The need to strengthen the European scientific and technological bases, to enhance competitiveness and to promote research activities are objectives of the European Union (EU), already defined in the Treaty. Framework Programmes have translated these general objectives into specific policies for publicly funded research and technological development, to be implemented by the European Commission.

The objective of developing a European Research Area (ERA) provided more focus to these policies and stressed the need for further structuring European research and technological capabilities. FP 6 is the first Framework Programme that takes this additional objective explicitly into account.

This has led to the introduction of two new instruments in the range of tools offered in order to implement the FP 6 priorities: Integrated Projects (IPs) and Networks of Excellence (NoEs), which are expected to have a structuring effect on research and technological development in Europe.

Such innovation in European research and technology policy generated important debates within the EU institutions and within the scientific and technological communities.

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Utolsó módosítás: 2017. december 29.
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