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Széll Kálmán Plan 1.0
Széll Kálmán Plan 1.0
2012. augusztus 25.
Módosítás: 2018. május 22.
Olvasási idő: 1 perc

The Széll Kálmán Plan 1.0 was introduced in March 2011. As a structural reform plan its main objectives were to reduce the public dept and foster the economy growth through 26 objectives. Some objectives are listed below:

  • to rethink and renew the current law on public procurement,
  • refreshing rules and create new laws on public and higher education
  • lowering the administrative burdens and financial debt of companies.

More information: Szél Kálmán Plan 1.0

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. május 22.
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