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Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme
Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme
25 January 2018
Modified: 08 June 2018
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The members of the AAL Association are the countries participating in the AAL programme. The Association manages the operation of the programme (by consulting with the member countries; preparing, announcing and evaluating calls for proposals; monitoring work progress; and organising actions facilitating the implementation of projects).

Organisational framework:

Strategic decisions in the AAL programme are adopted by the General Assembly made up of delegates from the participating member states, while the issues relating to the operative management of the programme, the preparation and management of joint calls for proposals, and the preparation of national grant decisions are the responsibilities of National Contact Points

Member since: 2008

Membership fee: EUR 10,000 (HUF 3.1 million)

Benefits of the membership:

  • The national funding can be completed with EU funding which can be spent on the elaboration and market entry of developments.
  • An annual exhibition is organised under the programme where the developments can be presented to potential investors (social security companies and venture capitalists).
  • The results of the programme, i.e. the new products and services, are potentially advantageous for all aging societies, including Hungary (social innovation).
  • Since 2008, 46 Hungarian members have participated in 25 projects to develop near-market products and services in international consortia.
  • 42 to 49% of the funds provided to Hungarian applicants have been financed directly from EU sources.


AAL National Contact Point: Ágnes Divinyi (e-mail:, Phone: +36 1 896 3754)

Member of the General Assembly of the AAL Association: Szonja Csuzdi, Head of Department (e-mail:



What is AAL programme about?

The number of older adults is growing globally and their share in the population is also rising. Maintaining their independence, monitoring their health, covering their health and care costs are challenging for the institutional health and care system and families. 

AAL (Active and Assisted Living) programme is a joint programme of the European Commission and the participating states which aims at the development of innovative, information and communication technologies based solutions  (products, systems and services) to enhance the quality of life of older adults and to strengthen the industrial base in Europe especially for SMEs. The programme is the continuation of the AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) programme implemented between 2008-2013. 

Main objectives of the AAL programme:

  • accelerating of the development of innovative ICT-based products, systems and services enhancing active and healthy ageing at home, in the social life and at work, improving the quality of life, autonomy, participation in social life, skills and employability of older adults as well as the efficiency of healthcare and social care.   
  • elaboration of cost effective solutions which are in line with different national and regional preferences and regulations, respecting the private life and dignity of older adults,
  • close to market research and innovation in the framework of international consortia
  • involvement of end-users and SMEs.


Those projects are eligible which are implemented in a consortium composed of at least 3 independent eligible organizations (legal entities such as SMEs, large enterprises, universities, research institutes, non-profit organisations), from at least 3 different AAL Partner States participating in the Call and develop innovative products, systems and services which enhance the quality of life of older adults and their commercialisation starts maximum 2 years after end of the project.

Consortium members shall include

  • at least one profit oriented SME. The effort of industry and other business partners in each project must be 50% or more (in person months)
  • one end-user organisation

According to Hungarian eligibility rules, only those projects receive funding which involves a Hungarian profit-oriented enterprise.

The application process

The project proposal of the international consortium shall be submitted to the electronic application system managed by AAL Central Management Unit (CMU). The evaluation and ranking of proposals are implemented at international level. In case of a winning proposal each consortium partner submits the request for national funding to its own national funding agency. Contracting and financing are done at national level. The European Commission cofunds the projects.


AAL National Contact Point for further information:

Ágnes Divinyi, NCP
National Research, Development and Innovation Office
1077 Budapest, Kéthly Anna tér 1.
Tel.: +36 1 896 3754

Updated: 08 June 2018
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